For customers who demand the very best from their heating and water, Unvented Systems are the way to achieve superb performance. Companies such as Salamander and Pumping Technology have created the technology that allow you to enjoy continuous high pressure for your hot water system. Showers become a wonderful experience!

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Accumulator Technology

With the introduction of mains fed appliances like electric showers combination boilers and unvented cylinders, the importance of the main supply for both pressure (the force of water measured in bar or PSi) and flow rate, (the amount of water measured in litres or gallons) is paramount. A poor incoming main supply will cause pressure and flow fluctuations, poor performance and ultimately customer dissatisfaction. With high performance showers and the popularity of multi bathroom properties the demands are higher and the performance of the main supply to meet the demand often over looked, pressure without flow rate will count for nothing. The legal supply requirement from water undertakers is 1 bar and 9 litres at the water companies stop tap, which is often located at the metre, but this position can vary. It is not common to see pressure and flow readings this low, but it is common place to find poor flow rates with average pressures of around (2-3) bar, leading to pressure fluctuations and ultimately poor performance.

How does it work?

The accumulator is a steel or composite cylindrical vessel that houses inside a controlled action diaphragm that can hold mains pressured water. The accumulator is installed on the incoming main supply and under mains pressure the diaphragm starts to fill with water. The diaphragm is surrounded by a positive air charge sealed within the vessel, and this pressure is adjusted so that it is below the incoming mains pressure allowing water to enter the diaphragm. When the diaphragm is full the surrounding air charge would have increased to match that of the mains pressure. When an outlet is turned on, the water being forced out of the accumulator boasts the incoming mains supply. With this increased volume come the stabilization of pressures and the ability to open more than one outlet at the same time, without any noticeable pressure drops, given that the accumulator and pipe- work are sized correctly. Simple and extremely effective in over coming flow rate issues and without requiring a power supply or drainage requirements and no expensive running costs.