MagnaCleanse method

Mardec Systems use the MagnaCleanse method for system cleaning. It is the Most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE method of cleaning a Central Heating System.

The principle is to remove sludge from the system using a powerful magnet. By connecting the MagnaCleanse unit to the heating circuit in place of the system Pump, Boiler or Radiator, the circuit can be thoroughly cleansed of iron oxide sludge.

The causes of corrosion are clear, as soon as water enters a heating system, the process of Corrosion begins. This is because different types of metals (usually Copper, Steel and Brass) are exposed and react chemically in water which acts as an Electrolyte. Oxygen entering the water supply also begins the Corrosion process, as do impurities in Radiators and Pipes such as Flux residues and Copper swarf.

The consequences of corrosion

Sludge is the main culprit, Black iron oxide sludge develops in ALL unprotected systems. Once corrosion starts it forms dense sediment deposits in all quiet areas of a Central Heating System and causes the majority of problems in Boilers, Pipes and Radiators.

MagnaCleanse is a highly effective option that removes iron oxide sludge from the system. For existing system cleaning, particularly when a replacement Boiler is installed, Sludge and Scale must be removed prior to commissioning.